Partially Rehabilitated

[Update 8/16: Seems I was too optimistic. See comments for details.]

I've managed to get Google to notice this blog again.

Google's reconsideration process doesn't take as long as the “several weeks” they warn it might, but it did take about ten days for them to get around to it the last time I asked. Being an impatient sort of a person, I thought I'd try to shortcut it a bit.

I created an XML sitemap using the nifty free sitemap generator at In fact, I only created a partial sitemap stopping at about 13,000 entries. The program would have done more, but they were in all relevant ways duplicates and I lost patience as it bogged down my computer. Once the monster was ready, I uploaded it to Google via the webmaster sitemap tool, and all of a sudden, ta-da!, Google admits exists.

And searching Google for now returns “About 708,000 results” although some of the first page results are a bit odd.

I suppose a page rank other than a question mark can't be that far behind?

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2 Responses to Partially Rehabilitated

  1. sjl says:

    Bad news. The operator is link:, without an s. Searching on

    still gets zero results. Give it some more time …

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