Bad & Good



Good and Bad

There is a new dubstep mix of the War of the Worlds but it is slashdotted.

Not webby, but bad

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  1. eric says:

    Does being spammed by a candidate for Commissioner of Consumer Services qualify as irony?

  2. Vic says:

    First off, that revenue chart does not actually show what that semi-literate blogger says it does. Just look at at.

    Second, before you take his word about what the Heritage Center says about the Bush cuts and their overall effect on revenue, you might want to actually LOOK at what the Heritage Center says about the Bush cuts. Hint: Tax cuts aren’t the only thing that matters, nor are they even a major player in this mess. It’s sort of like thinking that LP gas price increases are what’s driving your home budget issues.

    Here’s something relatively current for you to ignore:

    Note: before you take your ball home and get all huffy again, I’m not saying anything at all about what I believe, I’m only pointing out that the Heritage Center does not say what they are interpreted as saying. (and you might also note that the blogger himself says he is not making an argument about tax cuts.)

  3. Leroy J says:

    that’s great that a child can learn to be so generous at that young of an age. It’s shouldn’t be as amazing as it is, but in this age of paris hiltons and jersey shore reading about a youth who actually cares is refreshing. Hopefully he’ll grow up and not turn out to be a jack ass who runs his mouth at a presidential candidate speech:

  4. David says:

    I’ve always been fond of RFC 1925.

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