Sunscreen Confusion

WebMD recites Best Sunscreens: A Consumer Reports Ranking and lists the top four choices by what it considers effectiveness and price.

Unfortunately, all three of the ones for which I've been able to find online lists of ingredients (Target doesn't seem to post them) appear to contain Oxybenzone, which reports on a recent FDA study say may increase cancer risk rather than lower it.

So, what is the best sunscreen to slather on the kids this summer?

Update: (6/6): My friend Joel points me towards the Environmental Working Group's 2010 Sunscreen Guide.

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One Response to Sunscreen Confusion

  1. Kaleberg says:

    We’ve been using Neutrogena’s Sensitive Skin SPF 45 stuff for years. It is titanium dioxide based, so it supposedly doesn’t cover the spectrum quite as well as some alternatives. Still, we’ve used it in Hawaii, Queensland and other sunny places with no problems, and my skin is horribly sensitive to sun. I burn well before I tan, so protection is important.

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