Full Text RSS Feed Available

You may want to know that a full-text RSS feed of discourse.net is available.

I mention this because I've noticed that despite the full-text always having been available, the majority of subscribers to my RSS feed use the abbreviated posts version for some reason.

I wonder if that's because the short version is listed first and auto-discovery thus gravitates towards it? Or do people really prefer truncated posts?

Maybe I'm too long-winded for the Twitter era.

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2 Responses to Full Text RSS Feed Available

  1. Chris says:

    I assume the people who prefer truncated RSS feeds are the same people who prefer beds of nails, hair shirts, and so forth.

    This post came through right after I read Nate Silver’s news that FiveThirtyEight is moving to NYTimes.com, with what I assume will be the corresponding loss of full-text RSS (which would be a very shortsighted decision).

  2. Jamie says:

    I use the abbreviated posts version because I am able to read more RSS feeds that way, and I can tell from the short-version if I want to read the whole thing. And generally, if I want to read the whole thing, I want to bookmark it, which means I’d have to click-thru anyway.

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