A Good Source of Bad Advice

Michael Swanwick (the imaginative writer) used to have a website on which he offered Bad Advice:

Most writing columns offer sound and useful advice to new writers, so they can accelerate the process by which they become successful, well-paid professionals. Unca Mike don't play that. My advice is designed to cut new talent off at the knees and thus keep down the number of writers I have to compete against. Multiply your adjectives! Insult the editor! Submit your writing questions here, and I'll provide you with the answers that other writers won't.

And he delivers! Or rather, he seems to have delivered up until about 2007, when he downgraded to blogging and started giving good advice. (There was a little blip in 2009, but just the one.) At least he gives awards.

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  1. David says:

    The kyle cassidy mentioned in the good advice link is quite possibly The Nicest Person Ever. His blog is well worth the look-see.

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