Update on My Condition

I went into the law school today, mostly to sit in the quad (“the bricks”) and enjoy the sunshine. I saw a number of friends and colleagues, and they said I'm looking great. Apparently reading my earlier updates on this blog convinced them I would be looking like death warmed over.

Part of that may just be continuing progress. In addition to reportedly not looking so bad — and having lost 20 pounds or so the hard way — I can walk longer distances this week. I'm going twice around the block on each walk on good days, and not collapsing in a total heap when I'm done. I start outpatient rehab later this week, and am hoping it will add to my still limited strength and stamina. My hands are not normal yet, but they are distinctly improved.

So things are better. I'm still a convalescent, and likely to be working on mending for some weeks/months to come. But the trend, however slow, is good.

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10 Responses to Update on My Condition

  1. Orin Kerr says:

    Terrific news, Michael.

  2. Ann Bartow says:

    Very glad to read this. I was trying to organize an informal dinner the day before PLSC 2010 and thinking how much everybody is going to miss having you there this year, but how grateful we are to know you’ll be there in 2011 and for decades to come, travel budget willing :>)

  3. Just me says:

    good to hear it.

  4. Chuck says:

    An old friend of mine says…

    “After 40, it’s just Patch, Patch, Patch!”
    – Arnie Hinds

    Keep on Walkin’ !!

  5. Joe1 says:

    Daytime TV is tough, I know. Jerry Springer is not good for the mind. When I was recovering from hip surgery, I learned to avoid Discovery Health Channel. They had a show about hip replacements which made me wonder if I was following the correct protocol.

  6. michael says:

    To the limited extent I’m watching TV at all I’m watching recordings of the previous day’s late night shows like The Daily Show and the Cobert Report…

  7. rah says:

    One foot in front of the other, Michael. Thanks for sticking around. 🙂

  8. whizzer white says:

    are you planning to come to graduation?

  9. michael says:

    I really hadn’t thought that far ahead. If it were today, I don’t know that I’d be up to it. I wouldn’t want to slow down the procession, and it’s a lot of walking and sitting up. Something to think about, though.

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