UM Foreclosure Fellows in the News

We got some great publicity for the Foreclosure Fellowship program I started early this academic year. But what we really need is money.

Unfortunately, even though everyone loves the program and the participants are doing wonderful things, we haven't found the $150,000+ it would take to run the program next year, even though there will be even more foreclosures. (See, for example, March Foreclosure Activity Highest on Record.)

The good news is that (last I heard) the law school is planning to have a traditional clinic aimed at housing issues, staffed by law students, that will work with lawyers at Legal Services of Greater Miami.

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3 Responses to UM Foreclosure Fellows in the News

  1. michael says:

    it’s official: Prof. Froomkin the blogger is back.

  2. michael says:

    Just the lite version for now.

  3. Just me says:

    You’d think David Stern would have that kind of money lying around in his sock drawer. With all of the money he’s made in the foreclosure mess, it might ease his conscience a bit to make a charitable donation to the UM Law School for the benefit of that clinic.

    Fat chance it’ll happen though.

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