No News Is Good News

My recovery continues its slow but steady trajectory. I can walk around the block, but it takes 20 minutes what with all the shuffling and stopping. The details are otherwise too boring to relate. Assuming things continue to progress at this rate, it will be some time before I'm near normal.

I don't think I'll resume my old blogging ways until I feel more renewed. What energy I have will first go to Jotwell, currently in the able hands of my colleague Donna Coker, who heroically stepped in as temporary editor until I (literally) get back on my feet. Check it out tomorrow afternoon for an announcement of a new section.

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5 Responses to No News Is Good News

  1. CZHA says:

    Slow progress is still progress. We’re all happy to hear of your achievements toward good health. Thank you for the link to Jotwell; I’ll still watch for updates here, too.

  2. Morgan says:

    Christ. I hope you get better. Your life sounds quite awful right about now. Here’s hoping that health care changes come sooner rather than later:

  3. Matt says:

    If you shuffle around, try to mutter when you do it- it will add to the over-all look. Really, though, I hope things will keep getting better,steadily, even if slowly.

  4. Sue Ann says:

    For anyone interested, Michael appeared briefly at his office at the Law School yesterday. And we had a brief chat. He seems in good spirits, mentally his old self, but he does need more recovery time to get back to his type A level.

  5. Andrew Stone says:

    Just continue your daily routine and medications as well. I’m pretty sure you’ll feel more better soon. Remember, even a slow progress is still a progress.Andrew Stone

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