UM Law Freezes (and Partly Lowers) Tuition

Hot news from UM Law Dean White:

I am pleased to be able to announce that there will be NO tuition increase for the 2010-2011 academic year. In fact, while full-time tuition will remain at its current level of $18,709 per semester, the per credit tuition amount charged for part-time attendance will be reduced to $1337 from its current level of $1633.

The new part-time number lowers the cost of summer classes and of taking non-cross-listed courses elsewhere in the university.

I suppose this is one good outcome from the salary freeze.

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3 Responses to UM Law Freezes (and Partly Lowers) Tuition

  1. Paul Ohm says:

    Is $1337 just a funny coincidence, or are Internet tech geeks setting the fees around there?

  2. Really? $18,709 per semester? Oh well, from $1633 to $1337 is a big savings now.Joseph Taylor

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