Beaux Arts This Weekend

beaux.jpgI haven't seen any publicity for this, but the annual Beaux Arts Festival will be held on campus this weekend. It's always fun, and they have some very fine exhibitors. It's somewhere between your basic street fair and some giant or overpriced event where you can't afford anything on show. There are some very expensive pieces (both nice and “huh”-inducing) and also some reasonable ones.

Over the years I've bought quite a lot of jewelery (for spousal birthdays), and a few pieces of art now hanging on our walls.

When: 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Jan 9-10, 2010

Where: Grounds of the Lowe Art Museum, 1301 Stanford Dr., on the University of Miami Campus

Admission: Free

I hope it warms up a bit by the weekend.

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