The Medium is the Message

According to 8,702 news articles from literally around the world, Accenture is dropping Tiger Woods, but Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer stands by Tiger Woods, ‘the best in his domain’.

While it’s not difficult to understand why Accenture might want to drop an alleged serial philanderer with a taste for floozies, I wonder if doing so won’t undermine the exact message they were trying to send with their Tiger Woods campaign:


Someone flunked a test?

(No points for speculating why a maker of luxury watches might not mind being associated with a notoriously successful philanderer.)

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3 Responses to The Medium is the Message

  1. Joe1 says:

    Tiger should have dumped accenture long ago. My experience with accenture is full of shoddy work and missed deadlines on their part. I’ve seen several examples of accenture’s horrible work.

  2. I feel bad for him by this point – amazing how much people love to watch each other crash and burn.

  3. It is interesting to see how large corporations respond to the real life situations of their promoters. The funny thing is these companies probably need Tiger more than Tiger needs them. I think he is the first professional sports player to reach $1 billion in earnings. He and his children can probably live out the rest of their lives without receiving another dollar from endorsements.

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