UM Law May Have a New Building Much Sooner than You’d Think

Law School to Share New Building With Business School in Fall 2011 (from the Res Ipsa, our student newspaper).

The building is permitted (that's very significant in Coral Gables!) and the elegant outside is already designed. It's planned to be between the Lowe Art Gallery and the existing Business School — a nice part of campus. We'd get three floors built to our specifications, our own entrance, and some shared common space adding up to about 60% of the square footage of our current plant. And the best part is that all of this would be an add-on to our current building, solving our space crisis pending construction of our new hoped-for mega-building on the South-Eastern side of campus…a plan which still requires some substantial fund-raising.

The ink is not yet affixed to this deal, and devils can always lurk in the details, but at first glance this looks like a truly wonderful development for the University of Miami School of Law. And it explains where we'll find suitable office space to house all those new faculty members we plan to hire in the next few years.

My only worry is that this new building will reduce the space on campus for the annual Beaux Arts Festival of Art, as I think it will occupy part of that grassy expanse.

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3 Responses to UM Law May Have a New Building Much Sooner than You’d Think

  1. Susan says:

    That’s great! I’m convinced that such a wonderful undertaking will successfully come to the end:)

  2. Moore says:

    As I understand the situation you don’t need to worry much about the space for the Art Festival. I think they can make some additional constructions and solve the problem.

  3. jb says:

    Then we can increase our 1L class size to a 1000 students.

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