Just Passing Through

camel1.jpgOne of the joys of campus life is that there is just about always something going on. There are lectures I'm too busy to attend. Concerts I mostly miss. Seminars I try to get to (we had a good one today).

And then there are the weird and wonderful things you pass by on the way to class. As I was loping towards Torts this afternoon, I came up what I first thought was a pair of horses being walked around the center of campus. But no. It wasn't a horse, except in the sense that it's what a horse would look like if designed by a committee.

There was a little stand that people could climb on in order to get on their backs, and have a little pony ride, or whatever the Dromedary equivalent might be. Apparently they were there to publicize Israel, or Jewish Studies, or something to do with Israel.

“Where did you get the camels?” I asked someone with a clipboard.

camel2.jpg“We rented them,” was the answer.

Camels-R-US? Rent-a-camel? Camel Depot?

The mind would boggle, if its legs weren't already taking it off to beat the necessity defense into submission.

Random camel fact: Camels are not kosher.

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9 Responses to Just Passing Through

  1. Joe1 says:

    A three to four hour marinade of half water and half apple cider vinegar helps both kosher and non-kosher meat.

  2. Rhodo Zeb says:

    Split hoof = not kosher

    Back in HS one classmate made a long list of non-kosher animals. Reindeer! Camels! Oh my!

  3. brian says:

    poes rentals, gables, “we rent most everything”

  4. enderfem says:

    I had a camel at my 6th birthday party. We did not eat the camel. Later we found out I’m allergic to llamas, and I’ve had several encounters to prove that out. And that’s all I’ve got for family camelidae.

  5. No, camels aren’t kosher, though cameleopards (AKA giraffes) are.

    Why do I know that? Why does anyone know that?

  6. Manuka Honey says:

    No, camels aren’t kosher, though cameleopards (AKA giraffes) are.
    Why do I know that? Why does anyone know that?

    I didn’t know that…. and now I’m scared… very scared.

  7. Go Democrats says:

    Is the hump of a camel… white meat or dark meat?

  8. Camels aren’t kosher because mammals, in order to be kosher must BOTH chew their cuds AND have “split” hooves. Split hooves implies one hoof which is split in the middle, not two separate toes. Camels chew their cuds (a cud is what they bring up from the reticulum portion of their 4-chambered stomach to chew again), but they have 2 toes.

    They are still members of the order artiodactyla along with all the other kosher mammals.

  9. Rhodo Zeb says:

    My god you were tired when you wrote that comment. I think that is the only explanation for what I believe to be several crucial typos.

    Still, interesting conversation. So the cuds matter, huh? I had no idea…

    Cloven (split) hooves are now cool or not? Camels do have toes as I remember…

    Hey GD, I can find out for you. Over here in China, they do sometimes eat camel meat. I might have had it once or twice.

    I think dark is a better bet 😉

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