We Get Such Great Employee Benefits

Only in Miami? UM Employees get a plastic surgery discount:

The Division of Plastic Surgery is offering Latisse, the FDA-approved eyelash grower, for $125 each, or two for $200. Also, facials are $45, and microdermabrasion treatments are $60 for UM employees. This offer is good through Friday, October 30.

I bet they're short of customers due to the Great Recession.

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2 Responses to We Get Such Great Employee Benefits

  1. UMLAWGRAD says:

    s hw mny 1L fmls hv fk brsts?

    ( sncrly wnt t knw ths – nt tryng t str p cntrvrsy w/ th mltnt fms n th blg – s f y r n pls dsrgrd my cmmnt)

  2. PHB says:

    $125 for one eye, $200 for two…

    Wouldn’t having only one eye treated leave you unsymmetrical?

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