Sorry About the PopUp

For reasons unknown, has started serving a popup instead of its civilian casualty count, so I've disabled that part of the sidebar at least temporarily.

In general there's a fair amount of cruft in the sidebars — should I go on a sidebar diet to speed load time and looks?

UPDATE (8/1): Looks fixed?

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2 Responses to Sorry About the PopUp

  1. ERinSTL says:

    Interesting no one has replied to your question. My personal preference would be to get rid of the “cruft” (cute word, that). As a reader at some remove from Miami, I really don’t need to know the time or weather in Miami, and I have my own calendar, thanks. The blogroll, links to archives, recent comments, etc., seem to be de rigeur for blogs, so they can stay.

    But it is your blog. If you find it useful to keep the cruft, who am I to complain?

  2. ERinSTL says:

    Pardon my French, should be “de rigueur”.

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