Pressures Students Studying for the Bar Don’t Need

Miami Herald, FIU graduate robbed at gunpoint on campus

A recent Florida International University graduate, cramming for his Florida Bar law exam, was robbed at gunpoint of his laptop outside the school's Green Library, FIU police said.

Derrick Storms, 28, of Miami, who graduated from the law school in May, said he was sitting outside the closed library around 4:30 a.m. Monday when one of two teens on bikes approached him.

Being robbed is not a stress that bar-studying students need. Especially if they're so stressed that they're studying at 4:30 am.

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4 Responses to Pressures Students Studying for the Bar Don’t Need

  1. FAH-Q says:

    Whts wrng Frmkn y dn’t lk wht ppl pst n yr blg.bhh lttl bb wrng bwt gf fck gt fckng lf…..

    [NOTE: I have IP-banned this poster for repeatedly forging my email address as his/hers.]

  2. Chuck says:

    So, does the Library have cameras?

  3. Joe1 says:

    Doesn’t Florida use the multistate? Isn’t the exam three weeks away?

  4. Wow... says:

    I’d say that if this student feel compelled to study at 4am for a test that is 3/4 multiple choice and half multistate, and three weeks (+) away, he’s got more problems than being robbed.

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