Westboro Baptist Church Plans Picket at UM Law Graduation on Sunday

The Miami Herald reports that ferociously bigoted Westboro Baptist church plans a media event at our graduation. They call it a 'protest' but it's really just one of a whole series of made-for-TV events they'll be staging in the area that day.

That we've been included for our support of gay rights is, in some weird way, a badge of honor, although I feel bad for graduates and their families who may have a few moments of their day spoiled by the famously vicious demonstrators.

As it happens, I will be on an airplane at the time, so I will miss my chance to share with them what I think of them, or even to ignore them (which might be the better thing to do).

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  1. howard says:

    On the Westboro website picketingschedule where U of M law is listed, the group doesn’t mention anything about the law school being gay supporting. It says it is picketing the school because it produces lawyers and lists a bunch of reasons why God hates lawyers, not one of which relates to gays. It’s interesting that the group has a protest planned in Colombo, Sri Lanka coming up.

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