Sotomayor’s Techlaw Jurisprudence

Via James Tyre, a pointer to this interesting BNA-provided tidbit: TechLaw: Judge Sotomayor Is First Nominee With Cyberlaw Record. In fact, she's participated in quite a lot of tech-related cases.

Specht is a good decision. It's both conservative and liberal: it's conservative in the sense that it followed precedent (I think it would have been unremarkable 10 years earlier) but liberal in the sense that it resisted, and may have helped stop, an incipient trend to push contract notice law in a more anti-consumer direction.

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  1. another_thomas says:

    I think a fundamental question that we must ask her is when the Supreme court plans on issuing its opinions in both Spanish and English. It is simply unjust and a violation of the rights of so many Hispanics that the most vital policy mandates from the Supreme Court are issued in English only. If voting ballots are issued in Spanish why not legal opinions? Does she plan to push for this or not?

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