Join the Call for Fed Transparency

The Fed is one of the most autonomous parts of our government, arguably for good reasons. But that doesn't mean it shouldn't be accountable.

Which is why I signed the petition at in support of The Federal Reserve Transparency Act.

You can too.

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4 Responses to Join the Call for Fed Transparency

  1. not_needed says:

    I think it is racist that you think somebody needs to be looking over Obama’s shoulder.

    I have complete faith in Obama and his appointees.

    I am a good liberal, faithful to Obama. I guess now we see your true colors.

  2. Patrick (G) says:

    Them’s unnecessary fightin’ words,
    Ignorant too.

    In case you’ve never noticed; the Fed reports to Congress, not to the Executive branch.

  3. michael says:

    The Fed is part of the executive branch. It’s just a part that the President has less (formal) influence over. Cf. my student note, In Defense of Administrative Agency Autonomy, 96 Yale L.J. 787 (1987).

  4. not_needed says:

    Nancy Pelosi, Democrat, controls Congress. Obama controls Nancy Pelosi. Rahm Emmanuel will waterboard any Democrat in Congress that doesn’t do what Obama wants. QED.

    If Obama can handle North Korea and Iran, then he can handle the Fed. Just over the weekend on our Memorial Day the North Koreans decided to celebrate with a very impressive fireworks display to honor Obama. The Iranians did something similar last week.

    I am a good liberal, faithful to Obama. How can he be expected to create Utopia with peon backseat drivers? Maybe you are right, michael is probably not racist. More likely he is just full of hubris to think that he knows better than Obama. michael is like Rush Limbaugh in that regard, thinking he knows better than Obama.

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