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The Art of Torture

YouTube – Torture Memos: Waterboarding

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In Which I Gripe About My Employer

I don't usually gripe here about my employer. That isn't because I lead a life with absolutely nothing to gripe about, nor is it due to a saintly disposition. Rather, it's a self-imposed time, place, and manner restriction.

But someone at the University of Miami School of Law has done something which annoys me.

And it annoys me pretty much every day I come to work.

So I am going to vent about it here.

Some bright spark in the law school — or maybe in the University, this could be a campus-wide phenomenon for all I know — has had the really wonderful idea of putting hideous signs in all the men's rooms. (And, again for all I know, putting them in the ladies' rooms too. I haven't investigated.)

They over-use capitalization; I know, that war was lost long ago.

These signs are green. UM green. It's not my favorite color, so that's a bad start. But lots of things are green in life, including plants and trees. And I like plants and trees. (So long as they're outside. And I don't have to hike around them. But I digress.)

These signs are ugly. But that's not what really bugs me. I could live with ugly. Lots of signs are ugly. (Especially green signs.)

But these signs are smarmy. And they are strategically located where you cannot avoid looking at them.

They are, in fact, creepy in their smarmyness.

The message may seem inoffensive:

“Please Show
Courtesy to
Others By Helping
Us Keep Our
Bathroom Clean”

and indeed I don't have anything against the message. Except the capitalization. And the odd linebreaks. And did I mention they are green? And — worse — did they have to throw in quote marks for no good reason? Who is being quoted here?

But (try to) forget all that, the real problem here is the illustration. It's so horrible I've placed it in the continuation section of this blog post so that I won't have to look at it on my homepage.

There is no need for you to click on this thing. If you do, don't blame me. I warned you.

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Emily’s List Phone Fundraising Could Be Better

I think Emily's List is a perfectly fine organization, although I don't think their behavior in Florida's 18th district in the last cycle was anything to brag about — they were very very slow about endorsing Taddeo.

So I'm not about to give them money.

I was polite about that when they called a few days ago, we were in the middle of something, and I said I was busy.

They called back today. I had more time today, so I asked to be put on the 'do not call' list, this being the second call in a few days. The guy (!) on the phone denied they'd ever called me before.

I can't say they lost my dime, as I wasn't going to give anyway, but really.

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Make Yourself Miserable

Update (4/28/09): Unfortunately, the map is not accurate.

H1N1 Swine Flu Map.

View H1N1 Swine Flu in a larger map


Pink markers are suspect
Purple markers are confirmed
Deaths lack a dot in marker

RSS Feed of new H1N1 Swine Flu Cases

Amazingly, there are none near here yet. Diseases don't usually work like that.

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Late Night Campus Jogging Initiative

This seems sensible:

Student Government’s Police Advisory Board invites members of the UM community to participate in a survey regarding the possibility of a designated late-night (12 to 3 a.m.) jogging route. The route could include extra lighting, security patrols, camera coverage, and other safety features. The board seeks to learn if the University community would be interested in having this available on campus. The survey is completely anonymous, and additional free-response comments or ideas are welcome.  Click here to complete the survey.

(via e-veritas)

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Data Point

After pills and 419 scams, the most common sp*m emails I am getting at the moment seem to be for fake watches of the highest quality.

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