Crickets Chirping

crickets.jpgI'm hearing crickets chirping.

“Crickets Chirping” is sort of bloggers' cliche: it's often used to mean a silence so deep on some issue (where there should be noise) that one can hear the crickets. But since Sunday afternoon I'm really hearing real crickets chirping — two transparent bags of them fresh from the pet store. They're going into school with one of the kids tomorrowtoday to feed the science teacher's bearded dragon. And meanwhile, they're loud.

(The picture is nothing like what the bags look like. I just liked the picture.)

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One Response to Crickets Chirping

  1. Cathy says:

    How much does a cricket cost these days? When I was in middle school we used to go to the pet store every Thursday when they were on sale and buy five for my pet frog. I think they were 25 cents each? (Or was that 25 cents total?)

    We would also feed my frog the occasional spider. And fireflies. Did you know that after a frog eats a firefly, he glows?

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