A Prosecutor’s Prosecutor

Justice Building Blog reprints the farewell email of a legendary local prosecutor in ABE LAESER RETIRES.

Mr. Laeser started as an ASA in 1973. In that farewell email Mr. Laeser writes,

Many have asked me about a most memorable moment. There have been many extremely similar moments that I have taken most to heart. I have had one single request – one that mercifully I have never had to carry out; yet it meant the world to me, because it spoke truth in its loudest possible voice. Fellow prosecutors, officers, defense attorneys, and even judges had made one request. The gist of it was: “If my family member should ever be murdered, could you personally prosecute the case?” This is perhaps the only legacy that will stay in my mind forever. It means too much for me to ever forget.

A real compliment, if a somewhat grisly one…

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3 Responses to A Prosecutor’s Prosecutor

  1. csrster says:

    Just out of interest, what if the tribute had been “If I’m ever falsely accused of murder, I hope I get you as a prosecutor”?

  2. michael says:

    That would be a defense lawyer’s prosecutor?

  3. csrster says:

    I know. I was being, let’s say, deliberately naive.

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