Annals of Procrastination

So it turns out that I forgot to buy a wall calendar this year, and there's now a blank spot on my office wall where it belongs.

So I figured I'd go to Amazon and get the cheapest non-disgusting calendar I could find. This turns out to be a somewhat harder project than I had initially imagined.

Searching for “2009 calendar” and sorting by price gave me the following choices.

The cheapest, at just 28 cents. But I don't want to advertise any products.

The following were all just under $1:

Throwing another quarter in the kitty (and ignoring Kindle calendars, fridge magnet calendars, and travel-sized calendars) raised me to:

It would take almost $2 to achieve these dizzying heights of style:

I can sort of see the Beaches thing, maybe, except we have those here, so why do I need it on my calendar?

Under $3:

Oh heck, maybe I should get one like last year.

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4 Responses to Annals of Procrastination

  1. Ann Bartow says:

    Don’t get the lighthouse one, as it could be viewed by Freudians a signal of insecurity about certain body parts. Or do get the lighthouse one, and the flower one too – you have tenure, right?

  2. joe1 says:

    Show your inner scrooge. Make the university pay for it by printing out blank calendar pages from Outlook.

  3. eck says:

    Check your local B&N or Borders for sales. A few Januaries ago, I spent a buck or so on a full-color Scooby Doo wall calendar for a colleague who at the time specialized in prosecution of intellectual property crimes.

  4. Josh Wintle says:

    Looking for a cheap 2009 calendar? The federal government has once again answered your request before you made it. Check out the NCTC’s Counterterrorism 2009 Calendar:

    “NCTC’s Counterterrorism Calendar is a prized resource that contains invaluable information for law enforcement and national security personnel. It is available in both a printable daily planner and an on-line multimedia website. The 2009 edition contains more counterterrorism information than any previous edition, as well as the most comprehensive index of everything from Anthrax to VBEIDs (Vehicle-Borne Improvised Explosive Devices) to date. Find out more, read the NCTC press release or click on the calendar links on the right.” ~

    Beware, the pdf is a whopping 62+ MB. Alternatively, there is an “online multimedia version” which sports a “Worldwide Incidents Tracking System.” I’m not sure if that refers to the user’s appointment book and journal or actual terrorist activity. Either way, it should be entertaining… Enjoy?

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