A Joy of Blogging

One of the great parts of this blogging thing is that smart and funny people send me email or leave comments about the stuff I post. Case in point was the funny, if cruel, remark about Boris Johnson left by “eric” on the post below, How to Complain in British.

“eric” turns out to be Eric Fink, a law professor at startup Elon Law School in North Carolina, and he too has a blog with the cheerful title of Debris. And poking around there, I found a link to this wondrously funny deconstruction of the most prevalent and awful commercial I seen since I acquired satellite TV, the “Snuggies” ad. But it does make me wonder if getting a TV was such a great idea.

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One Response to A Joy of Blogging

  1. eric says:

    You are far too kind. But what I lack in smartness and funniness, I more than make up for in cruelty!

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