Shortest Day Not Very Short

So today is the “Winter Solstice”. Apparently in other places that means it is dark and cold. Here, it means that it's warm and sunny.

UM should market itself as the 'Law School in Paradise'….

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  1. Melinda says:

    Diversity in paradises, is what I advocate. Here it’s been in the low 20s F, with 8 inches of fresh fluffy white stuff. I think it’s paradise.

  2. laughable says:

    “UM should market itself as the ‘Law School in Paradise’….”

  3. michael says:

    Thanks for the laugh: all that infamous, annual, and totally biased lobbyist’s report (it’s not a scientific study) says, is that businesses object to states that actually find them liable for their misdeeds. Many states gave in to so-called ‘tort reform’; although you would not know it from that comical report, Florida did too in many ways, only a few of which were struck down by the courts.

    Incidentally, from a lawyer’s point of view, a place that still has tort law is more likely to be a ‘paradise’ than a ‘hellhole’. And from the citizen’s point of view, it’s better to live where firms have an incentive to make safe products and service providers have an incentive to take some due care.

    Florida: Paradise with (some) rights.

  4. Joe1 says:

    Come on home to Washington, Michael (we know that you’ve been here). It’s a balmy 20 degrees here, with sunshine and no crowds. If it is the same temperature on January 20, 2009, it could be very interesting.

  5. laughable says:

    Biased, sure…

    Judge Larry Seidlin pretty much says it all. How many Dade County judges (UM Law grads) now “preside” over Jerry Springer-style daytime “courtroom” shows? A judge may have died due to toxic mold in a Dade County courthouse. The Broward courthouse recently flooded from a burst pipe, and the taxpayers have no intent to repair it. An attorney recently publicly declared a sitting judge to be an “evil witch”. And oh yeah, Jack Thompson.

    South Florida, a great place para vivir and practice law! Right…


    How could I forget… Boy we should all be proud.

  6. Matt says:

    The flip-side, though, is that the longest day also isn’t that long. One of the things I really miss from the time I lived in Russia is the really long summer days- light until after 11pm, light again by 4 am or so. It takes a bit to get used to (like the long nights in winter!) but can be extremely charming and nice, too.

  7. John Flood says:

    I remember the summer days in Finland. It never got dark. At 3am the sky went grey for a bit. But winter inside the arctic circle meant you never saw the sun for months…..

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