Giant Croc in Coral Gables

Sun-Sentinal, Pancho the crocodile, suspected of eating three dogs, relocated again :

A huge American crocodile called Pancho, suspected of eating three dogs in a bayside Coral Gables neighborhood, has been caught and relocated for the second time, the state's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission announced Wednesday.

If the federally protected reptile journeys back to the canals of Gables-by-the-Sea, and experts think it almost certainly will, the critter will be removed from the wild and given to a zoo or licensed private owner.

Measuring 10-feet, 7-inches when captured last week, Pancho had grown nearly 16 inches in the 21 months since it was first caught and moved to the Homestead area of Biscayne Bay, according to Lindsey Hord, the commission's crocodile response coordinator.

Hord's advice to area pet owners: “Keep your dog on a leash.”

Actually, Gables-by-the-Sea (a high rent district annexed by the city a few years back in order to up the tax base) is a bit south of campus, but all these waterways are connected, and I bet a determined croc could make its way up here if it really wanted to.

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  1. That is nuts! I used to live in Georgia next to savannah river and would hear rumors of Alligators throughout the river and surrounding lakes.

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