Memories Are Short

Today's NYT has a buried article on some of the Bush administration's latest good-bye presents for the nation: various appointments that will last long into the next administration.

The article, White House Memo – On His Way Out, Bush Leads Others In, by Jim Rutenberg, claims that these appointments are mostly uncontroversial. If so, that's only because memories are short.

Consider this paragraph:

That same day, Mr. Bush appointed a longtime family friend and former business partner, Fred V. Malek, to the board of visitors of the United States Military Academy. Mr. Malek, who was a partner with Mr. Bush in the Texas Rangers baseball team, will serve for three years. A West Point graduate, he has donated generously to its campus; his appointment, like the others, provoked no complaint.

That's amazing. We're talking about the guy who was Nixon's hatchet man and political manipulator and who wrote the infamous Jew-counting “Malek Memo”. But then forgetting Malek's history appears to be a well-entrenched DC phenomenon.

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4 Responses to Memories Are Short

  1. Randon says:

    michael excellent research, however a word of caution is in order. The Party operates, in part, by exploiting the short memory of the “rabble”.

    To illustrate, during the campaign The Mighty O summed up Hillary’s foreign policy experience as tea party attendance. Tommy Vietor: “Senator Clinton said that a planned welcoming ceremony was cancelled because they needed to avoid sniper fire, but news footage shows that she was met by a small child who read her a poem. Contrary to the latest spin from the Clinton campaign, when you make a false claim that’s in your prepared remarks, it’s not misspeaking, it’s misleading, and it’s part of a troubling pattern of Senator Clinton inflating her foreign policy experience.”

    And yet, The Mighty O knighted her secretary of State. Do not dare allege The Mighty O was disingenuous or has a memory lapse, for His ways are beyond your comprehension and not to be questioned.

    I fear your memory may be a hindrance to your advancement within the party. Hopefully you will not suffer from delusions that other minions of The Mighty O were once Clintonite hacks, and that the promised “change” shall not come. Better for your potential as a Supreme Court Justice if you convince yourself that Rahm Emmanuel, Bill Richardson, and Hillary Clinton never worked in Washington before.

    Also, in a few more months the rabble will probably have forgotten all about your idol John Edward’s having an affair on his cancer-stricken wife, and he will be appointed to The Mighty O’s council on tort reform. Just be patient.

    So again the Party suggests you take great care in your examination of the history of active political figures, and that you never discuss the past of those in support of The Mighty O. So shall you rise to tremendous heights within the Party.

    All Hail the Mighty O!

  2. LACJ says:

    All the rats will get their treats this Christmas. Malek is a scumbag just like Bush, Cheney and all the rest of them.

    We must shun them for decades, publicly and cruelly.

    Along with their idiot supporters. The ones who are suddenly worried that the Obama Administration is going to ‘take away their rights’. The ones that believe the Democratic Party moves in lockstep, but never, oh never had any complaints when the GOP voted as one for years. The fools are lucky they have any rights left at all after Bush Co.

    Worthless is what they are, and dangerous in spite of, or because of, their gross stupidity.

  3. Randon says:

    Excellent strategy!

    If any enemies of the Mighty O should raise questions as to the background of his chosen minions, the Party fully endorses your rhetorical techniques of labeling such doubters as: “rats”, “scumbag”, “idiot”, “fools”, full of “gross stupidity.” Your pen is truly mightier than their sword!

    michael if you are not careful, lacj will take your place as the new Party Poet Laureate!

    All Hail the Mighty O!

  4. LACJ says:

    Ah Rondon, so you do indeed admit to being one of the 19% of Americans who think G.W. Bush was A-OK, hmm? That would explain why you would waste your time being a nuisance by writing a bunch of crazed garbage in comments.

    Again, funny how the GOP lockstep was never a problem but suddenly its the Dems that are drumming out the free-thinkers and everyone is part of the borg. That’s projection, I would suppose. Or just sour grapes.

    Comparing all the things that Malek has done in his career to a mistake or even to a completely made-up story done for naked political gain by Hillary Clinton on the campaign trail cannot be done without being deeply dishonest. Or idiotic. Don’t you agree?

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