For the Paranoid in Your Life

drive.jpgA USB Flash Drive disguised as broken cable. 2GB of extra security at least until the TSA puts it on the watch list.

(Via Schneier)

Or consider the (likely more useful) RFID Blocking Wallet and the RFID Blocking Passport Billfold.

Did you know that there are people out there who specially target paranoids?

Update: pointers to interesting techno-toys welcomed.

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4 Responses to For the Paranoid in Your Life

  1. Melinda says:

    I work in a crypto group, and my co-workers are their target market.

    That said, I don’t think an RFID-blocking passport wallet is the worst idea ever.

  2. Jon says:

    Be aware, though, that you have to put your RFID blocking passport wallet in the bin to get it through airport security; it’ll trigger the alarm if you keep it in your pocket. (This is one of those things that’s obvious once you think about it. A Faraday cage contains metal? Well, duh. Nonetheless, it didn’t occur to me in advance.)

  3. No, that passport wallet makes a lot of sense, what were they thinking? Secure information should never go on an RFID chip.

    And going ahead with it *after* remote passport cloning was demonstrated to them? Nuts.

    Hm, you know, I DO have a paranoid relative, maybe he’d like some of this stuff for Christmas? Nah, he’d just get worried about what I was suggesting…

  4. Randy Paul says:

    The USB drive as a broken cable is risky. I can see someone accidentally throwing it away.

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