Beer Blogging: Expedition Stout

Bell's Expedition Stout.

It's very good if you like the strong (tasting) stuff. It's also unusually thick. And very very low in fizz, which is fine with me but I suppose might bother some purists.

Apparently it's only available in winter, and in eleven oddly non-contiguous states: I defy anyone to figure out the pattern in FL, IN, KY, MI, MN, MO, NC, ND, OH, PA, VA, WI.

It's also on the expensive side, although no worse than 60-minute Dogfish IPA.

Then again, at 10.5% alcohol I'm only going to have one at a sitting if I plan to stay awake.

The back label suggests that “it's perfectly content to sit quietly in your cellar, aging and improving.” Well, fat chance of that. And not just because homes in South Florida don't have basements.

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4 Responses to Beer Blogging: Expedition Stout

  1. MLF says:

    Excellent choice! I think most of the beers from Bell’s Brewery are great. I recomend trying their “Two Hearted Ale.”

  2. ChrisB says:

    For the record, I’ve found it in DC as well.

  3. Randy Paul says:

    As for the winter availability, I’ve always believed that the better beers are brewed in colder climates. It is very hard to find anything but light, watery beer in Latin America, Spain and Italy, with a few notable exceptions.

  4. MLF says:

    Yeah, you can find a pretty good selection from Bell’s around DC. Both R.F.D. in China Town and Quigley’s Pharmacy/Tonic near the GW campus have Bell’s Two Hearted on tap.

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