Wendy Grossman on the Autoharp

Someone has posted a video to YouTube of my friend Wendy Grossman, and describes it as “world's best Autoharp player, Wendy Grossman, playing Autoharp at Twickenham Folk club.”

Later in the comments section he says,

It was on 16 Mar 2008 at the Cabbage Patch pub, I went to see Bill Evans and Megan Lynch and this lady was on before them. She was very good, although a bit miserable!

Indeed, try as I might, somehow I don't see Wendy singing lots of sappy happy songs….

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One Response to Wendy Grossman on the Autoharp

  1. Melinda says:

    Wow. I remember Wendy Grossman from the old days, here in Ithaca. I just did some checking and frankly was kind of surprised to see that she’s now *that* Wendy Grossman. I didn’t put those two (the Cornell Folksong Club Wendy Grossman and the tech policy writer Wendy Grossman) together for some reason. That’s exceedingly cool.

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