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Papers Say Florida Trending Obama

The Times looks backwards in While McCain Looked Away, Florida Shifted, and says ground game and advertising blitz are making the difference.

The Herald has a snapshot of early voting Democrats have the edge so far in early voting:

Early data show Democrats lining up more frequently for early voting than Republicans, balancing out the GOP's absentee-ballot advantage.

Meanwhile, long lines continue at the polls.

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Early voting Data

Latest data: More Democrats voting early than in 2004; more Democrats voting than Republicans — except in Florida.

Florida – 2008 to date

All Voting












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Friday McBush/McSame Bashing (Home Stretch Edition)

Despair sets in,

At his Northern Virginia headquarters, some McCain aides are already speaking of the campaign in the past tense. Morale, even among some of the heartiest and most loyal staffers, has plummeted. And many past and current McCain advisors are warring with each other over who led the candidate astray.

One well-connected Republican in the private sector was shocked to get calls and resumes in the past few days from what he said were senior McCain aides – a breach of custom for even the worst-off campaigns.

But let's bash a little bit just in case,









[article post date corrected]

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Cancer-Fighting Beer

Slashdot | Researchers Developing Cancer-Fighting Beer

Oh yes, please.

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This is What History Feels Like

Ben Smith has some really cool early voting stories:

Get your hankie ready.

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Early Voting Takes Determination

Colleagues who have voted early at the Coral Gables library report long lines, and long wait times.

The Miami-Dade Elections Department has posted a list of early voting sites with approximate wait times at each location.   At this writing, the most recent data is for 2pm yesterday, and wait times varied from thirty minutes to two and half hours. I think 30 minutes might be tolerable, but to run a system that makes voters wait two and a half hours is a sign of either poor planning or an attempt to suppress the vote. Being a believer that one should rarely attribute to malice what can be explained by incompetence, I'm prepared to believe it's the elections dept. being its usual wonderful self, but even so….
Update — I found the following in my email:

To help students, faculty, and staff take advantage of early voting, the University will be providing free shuttle service to the Coral Gables library election site starting today. Shuttles from Stanford Circle on the Coral Gables campus will be running today, Thursday, October 23 and tomorrow, Friday, October 24 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.; next Monday, October 27 through Friday, October 31 from 12 to 6 p.m.; and Saturday, November 1 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

If the wait times are a couple of hours, seems to me there's a danger anyone who goes out after about noon on these shuttles might get stranded, or will give up and go home. And as for voting on your lunch hour, fuggedaboutit.

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