Early voting Data

Latest data: More Democrats voting early than in 2004; more Democrats voting than Republicans — except in Florida.

Florida – 2008 to date

All Voting












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4 Responses to Early voting Data

  1. sartre says:

    Keep in mind that the repubs had a 96000 absentee ballot advantage, democrats have now made it up. Watch what happens in the next week.

  2. howard says:

    I voted yesterday on Miami Beach. I had an interesting experience because I made a mistake on the first ballot. I bubbled in Obama and then was drawn to Ileana Ros Lehtinen’s name. Ileana is one of the people I am most hoping is defeated. W/O thinking, I bubbled in the bubble next to her name. I called over a poll worker and requested a new ballot, telling her I made a mistake. The nice lady wrote something in red on the receipt on the folder and walked me back to the check in area. The man at the check in took out my ballot from the folder and asked what was the problem. He scrutinized my responses and said I don’t see a mistake. He said I didn’t bubble in two or more for one question, I had just bubbled in obama and lehtinen. He wanted to know more specifically what was the problem. I became a bit defensive because it was uncomfortable having him read over my responses in the crowded area and tell me that there was no mistake. Someone else came over after we started to argue a bit and said to give me a whole new ballot which the man finally did. I was subsequently warned that I only had a total of THREE chances to get it right, which I found interesting. After that, they won’t print you out another ballot. When I was done, I fed my own ballot throught the machine after being told how to do so. This was differnt from the last election for mayor of Miami Dade where the poll workers took the ballot out and after looking at it fed it through the machines themselves.

  3. adam says:

    yeah, they seem to have learned since august not to look at your ballots before you put them in. I’m pretty sure even if you mes up three times you could cast a ballot. what’s more important, the price of toner or your right to vote?

    do these numbers include absentee ballots? I thought those were counted at the end.

  4. howard says:

    after three tries, the poll workers said that the law says that they cannot print any more ballots; i haven’t looked up what the law says, but i can imagine instances where somebody would need four ballots to get it right.

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