Local Congressional Race Update

Lots going on on the local political scene.


  • Ileana Ros-Lehtinen defended her support for privatizing Social Security at a recent candidate's forum. (See Rivals spar at only meeting.) Imagine if your social security — or even only half of it as Ros-Lehtinen has proposed — were in today's stock market.
  • Annette Taddeo points out that Ros-Lehtinen Took $939,044 in campaign contributions from financial, real estate, and other special interests.
  • Ros Lehtinen won't debate Annette Taddeo — their only joint appearance was that candidates' forum — where they told her all the questions in advance.
  • Good Taddeo spot:
  • The latest poll shows Taddeo improving, but with a long way to go. The Telemundo 51 poll shows Taddeo behind 48-35, 13 points down, with 17 percent of the voters undecided. In June, a Bendixen poll had Ros-Lehtinen leading by 27 points. Taddeo is leading among independent voters 39% to 36%, with 25% still undecided.
  • Usually, I'd say a gap like that was too much, five weeks before the election. But given the state of the economy, the fact that IR-L remains under the 50%+ that spells safe incumbent, I think there's still everything to play for. And that social security comment ought to bother people here. (Who in their right mind wants social security in this stock market?)
  • And here's an old video — from March. Even then, Taddeo was pretty good. And she's better now.

FL – 25

  • Polls are looking better and better for Joe Garcia.

FL – 21

  • I hear Raul Martinez's polls look even better than Joe Garcia's…
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