Great New Ad from Taddeo

I've said for some time that Annette Taddeo needs to go negative to win — not easy for a woman running against an incumbent with personal popularity that mask horrible policies, but necessary to expose the incumbent for what she is.

I'm delighted to say, it's starting, and well. Here's Taddeo's second TV ad:

I like it!

There's also a Spanish version, Dos Gotas, that might be even better.

Illeana changed her vote to support the Wall Street Bailout. That won't be popular. But in an odd way it makes me happy because I was uncomfortable agreeing with something she'd done. Now things are normal again: she's a disaster for our district.

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2 Responses to Great New Ad from Taddeo

  1. Hanging Party says:

    Dear Representative:

    Last Friday, you voted a $700 billion dollar severance package for the outgoing Bush administration. Now, what do you plan to do about the economy?

    You may be able to put off “Bailout 2.0” until after the election. But economists expect that “Bailout 2.0” will be urgently needed before January. What do you intend to do? And how do you plan to pay for it?

  2. Abel says:

    While I fully support Taddeo’s campaign, I’ve seen a few of her ads like these that are simply too childish. If I were a voter, they would do nothing to convince me. Take Lincoln Diaz-Balart’s ads about Raul Martinez. A dark, ominous voice talking about his history of corruption. Of course, I don’t buy into it, but at least it’s serious. I personally can not see this changing many peoples’ minds.

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