Croc Killer on the Loose!

Crocodile at University of Miami lured to shore and beheaded |

A bag of fishing chum was found near the mutilated corpse of an endangered crocodile on the UM campus.


The butchered carcass of an endangered American crocodile was discovered Wednesday in a canal on the University of Miami campus.

A mesh bag with fishing chum found on the canal bank suggests the protected animal was lured to its death, then its head and tail were chopped off, said Officer Jorge Pino of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

While large alligator heads are sometimes mounted as trophies, Pino said it would be pure speculation to guess at the reasons for the croc beheading.

Nobody's safe around here?

Links to full (I think) crocodile coverage:

Update: Forgot to say that “Croc Killer on the Loose” is better than “Killer Croc on the Loose”!

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One Response to Croc Killer on the Loose!

  1. Gus Moore says:

    How cruel.

    “Forgot to say that “Croc Killer on the Loose” is better than “Killer Croc on the Loose”!”

    Not better in my opinion. Killer crocs can be captured, but sick people who kill animals for kicks are sure to do more killing in the future. How soon will it be before these crock killers move up the food chain and start killing other things.

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