Wednesday Mostly Palin Bashing

There was just too much to wait for Friday.

Can't she quit the ticket already? Then I could get back to bashing McCain….

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3 Responses to Wednesday Mostly Palin Bashing

  1. John Smith says:

    Check out this article on when the vetting process for Palin started. Interesting……

  2. v-chip says:

    Why won’t Palin speak to the press?

    I really want to know what she thinks… but I think that McCain is blocking her from speaking so that they can train her. It’s like My Fair Lady or something.

  3. Bravo!

    Palin-Drone: Mrdrs drg qn f dbs pdgr, hnd(-jb)-slctd b th G ld Pdphls (GP) s btt-b xtrrdnr t ‘Sntr’ McBn. Ntrsl msgync nd thrghl msnthrpc (d t gndr nd spcs xnphb, rspctfll), Pln-Drn prsttts ts wn knckd-p -yr-ld spwn s ndyn fr wtlss, nt-chc rght-wngnts. n frtts twst f rn, Pln-Drn s stnsbl th sm nt-Chrst ts wn sycphnts hv bn prgrmmd t drd.

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