Miami Demo Against the Bailout

Miami: Say NO to the Bush Bailout Rally
September 25, 2008
5:00 PM – 6:30 PM

Stand with your neighbors and say NO Bush Bailout!

Bring signs and friends so that we can all call on the government to invest in Main Street, not Wall Street.

Busy Street Corner
SW 17th Avenue and US1
Miami, FL 33133

I wonder why so often progressive rallies pick this corner? Yes, it's on a main commuter route, but it's soulless and not that accessible.

Update: find a rally near you

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One Response to Miami Demo Against the Bailout

  1. joe says:

    Photos of Thursday’s protest on Wall Street. If you google, you can find news coverage of people taking it to the streets elsewhere around the country.

    Did anyone go to the Miami demo?

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