Give Taddeo $1 and Help Her Win $5000 (Updated)

They're having a contest at Act Blue: Blue America Candidates and Annette Taddeo is only (at this writing) TEN contributions short of taking the lead.

The contest is for the number of donors, not the amounts, so even a $1 contribution helps — though of course several dollars would be nice too.

How about $1? Right now?

UPDATE (8/3, 2:30pm): She's ahead, but only by a hair — please help keep her there.

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One Response to Give Taddeo $1 and Help Her Win $5000 (Updated)

  1. Howard says:

    People should really support Taddeo, especially elected Democratic officials. Wasserman should be ashamed of herself. I’m still very angry that Human Rights Campaign (HRC) supported Lieberman after Lamont beat him in the primary. It makes me wonder if HRC would have endorsed a McCain/Lieberman ticket over Obama this November if Lieberman was on the ticket. Does Lieberman’s stance on foreign policy trump gay rights even in a gay rights group? It’s like David Dermer, the former Democratic Miami Beach mayor, who supported Jeb Bush and his brother all the while calling himself a Democrat. He got away with causing a lot of damage. Wouldn’t it have been much better for HRC and everyone generally if Lieberman had been stopped back then? He wouldn’t presently be in a position as a maverick Democrat to further a Republican agenda if he had lost. It would be better if Taddeo wins in November to help further future progressive agendas. Why would she want Rossy to win? What is Wasserman thinking?! She’s no better than HRC or David Dermer.

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