I started doing this Sept. 15, 2003.

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  1. NewMexiKen says:

    And I’ve pretty much been reading you ever since. Congratulations and thanks for all the great insights and links.

    P.S. I’ve got you beat. I began August 3, 2003. 🙂

  2. Gus Moore says:

    Happy blogging birthday!

    I checked the Wayback Machine to see your site’s design when you began. Looks like the design is the same, with the exception of some new widgets and doo-dads.

    Did you make discourse.net all by yourself?

  3. michael says:

    This is pretty much all hand coded, which is why it’s so ugly and why my CSS is so messy.

    As noted at the very bottom of the right column, I adapted the general layout from a free theme at blogstyles. There is a lot I’d do different today if I were starting from scratch, including probably using wordpress (which didn’t exist then). But the issues involved in transitioning from MT 2.x to wordpress, or indeed even of upgrading a heavily customized MT theme to the current version, have always seemed like several days’ work at best, and I never have had the time.

    I gather these things can be done commercially, but it costs. I’d love to change to a more modern, dramatic (and efficient!) look, but don’t hold your breath.

  4. matt says:

    Congratulations, Michael- that’s a long time. I can’t remember when I first started reading blogs but it wasn’t too long after that. I’ve long enjoyed yours and hope you’ll keep it up.

  5. Bryan Pfaffenberger says:

    And do please keep it up. You convince me that there is at least one sane person in this nation of ours.

    -Bryan (a.k.a. ‘the pink bunny of battle’)

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