Local Political News Catchup

While I was away, Annette Taddeo endorsed the Responsible Plan to End the War in Iraq. (Joe Garcia had endorsed it previously.) It's not a perfect plan, but nothing to do with Iraq is perfect, and this is the basis for as good a solution as we're likely to get.

Also while I was away, Joe Garcia's campaign started a blog they're calling A Cup of Joe. There's an Atom RSS feed. Looks good.

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2 Responses to Local Political News Catchup

  1. Shawn says:

    At least somebody has a plan to end the war in Iraq.

  2. Pissed-off says:

    Of course, that plan (or rather the description of it to which you link) manages to do what all such plans do. It suggests that the whole thing is Bush’s fault, and that while the American people clearly spoke when they elected the new Congress, his evil spell was just too powerful.

    While some of that is facially true, I don’t know how some Democrats can sleep at night knowing that the new Congress we elected to do something about this war has effectively done NOTHING at every turn. The Dems in Congress don’t give a rat’s ass about what the American people actually want and never will, so long as it might compromise their position in life. A vote to stop funding has a good chance of biting a Congressperson in the ass when their reelection rolls around, so it won’t happen. That should be absolutely clear to everyone by now. That sites like the one with this plan simply keep up the charade that it’s ALL on Bush, all his fault, and nothing can be done until Obama takes over, just makes it all worse.

    If we want the war stopped, we should all stop whining about Bush and get the Democratice Congress moving. All of this “plan for this” and “plan for that” is all bullshit designed to keep everyone molified while NOTHING as usual goes on and on and on… “Oh relax, we have a plan…” Whatever.

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