Calculate Your Obama Tax Cut lets you calculate your Obama tax cut — more or less.

They explain the basis for the numbers here.

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2 Responses to Calculate Your Obama Tax Cut

  1. Alex H. says:

    Really glad I’m not making $2.87 million, I’d have to reassess my vote :).

    I really think this needs to be made clearer. Both campaigns are attacking now on what I see as rather amorphous character issues. McCain is also running ads saying that Obama will raise taxes. Taxes are a really big issue. I think Obama needs to make clear he intends to cut taxes for all but the wealthiest 1%. I don’t think that is widely known.

    I also don’t think it makes a lot of sense, by the way. Expire the Bush tax cuts and (maybe) inflate the window for the AMT, but we actually need some money flowing into the federal government right now.

  2. Bob says:

    Do you honestly believe that Obama will push for these tax cuts? If so, why is he not making this a central theme of his campaign? It seems to me that this is just being mentioned on the side to draw in the slightly conservative vote. If he really does intend to propose these cuts, and fight for them, then A-Men! Obama truly needs to discuss this aspect of his campaign, if it is truthful.

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