Matt Stoller Talks Sense About Obama’s Fundraising

Open Left:: Obama Blows Out the Pundits with a 50M Quarter. I especially like this part:

At any rate, the whining from DC pundits about how the left was undermining Obama's chances at winning was absolutely wrong. His small dollar donor army wants him in that White House, and they are going to pay to put him there. While it's often impossible for consultants in DC to keep multiple thoughts in their head, it is possible for most of us normal bluggers and blug readers to get that we don't like his vote on FISA but we want him to win the White House desperately anyway.

Posted from the back of the room in the Open Left caucus at Netroot Nations.

Note: Darcy Burner is in the room and got a big, big round of applause.

Update: Joe Garcia dropped by – and got a very warm round of applause too. Matt Stoller asked him how the energy issue is playing in FL-25. Joe said, first, Bush always sets up the issue as a Hobbsean choice – only bad options: they've set up a crisis and forced you to make a crisis decision. … Why haven't home energy bills gone up as fast as gas prices? Because of long-range planning. … Why hasn't the department of Energy done planning? … Bush has been stripping alternative energy from energy bills… They [create a crisis] to give oil companies even more leases. … We have to explore alternatives … wind, coal, solar, including nuclear …

With the price of oil at this level, all those alternative energies are viable…

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