‘Eye on Miami’ Dreams Big Dreams

Eye on Miami, increasingly the hot local government blog in Miami, offers us a big dream in, Humanity's last innings:

In Miami, politicians like the green Mayor of Miami Manny Diaz have circled their wagons around a $3 billion plan to build more attractions, including a professional baseball stadium at terms that guarantee a financial windfall for the private owners of The Florida Marlins.

I wish our coral reef were a baseball stadium.

It really is amazing that with all the things Miami needs — paying for better schools, paying for cleaner water & waste disposal, that the big project being pushed by the Mayor is a new baseball stadium and a tunnel to the port. Unfortunately, the lawsuit seeking a referendum on the the $3billion project rushed through city government at the speed of lightening seems to be running out of steam. I would have liked to see at least a referendum on this project, which while it may have some good parts seems dubious over-all.

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