Europe Beckons

Weak US Dollar Means Nintendo Favors Europe For Now — to the point, apparently, that supplies are now short in the US.

With U.S. in slump, dual citizenship in EU countries attracts Americans

(I'm not saying the first one is causing the second.)

Perhaps my dual-national children are just part of a generational trend.

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One Response to Europe Beckons

  1. howard says:

    Man, I wish I had EU citizenship. If my same sex partner were from Europe, I’d be all about becoming European. I wouldn’t be stuck w/ all these law school loans if I were European cuz of subsidized tuition. My same sex partner from Brazil can at least qualify me for status in Brazil, that’s more than I can do here for him under federal law. I think there are 20 countries that provide immigration status to same sex partners and the US ain’t one of them. There are so many reasons to want dual citizenship when you start to think about it.

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