Donna Shalala to Receive Presdiental Medal of Freedom

White House Names 6 for Medal of Freedom — and UM President Donna Shalala is one of them.

She'll share the stage with Gen. Peter Pace, who's getting a consolation prize for not being renominated as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs (the administration was afraid to let Congress ask him hard questions). Also present will be Senior Judge Laurence H. Silberman of the D.C. Circuit, long a linchpin of the very right-wing group on that court.

There will be a posthumous award to Representative Tom Lantos of California, a human rights champion who was also an early supporter (and, later, doubter) of the Iraq war.

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6 Responses to Donna Shalala to Receive Presdiental Medal of Freedom

  1. elliottg says:

    Did you catch the news that Shalala received a sweetheart VIP Countrywide loan?

  2. Never heard of her.. will go Google Donna Shalala.

    Never heard of the presidential medal of freedom either. lolol



  3. Peter Lederer says:

    I know the old saw (“you salute the uniform, not the man”), but it would trouble me to accept a medal from President Bush. Luckily, I am most unlikely to have to face this quandary!

  4. Peter, why would it bother you to accept a medal from the President of the US? Are you seriously that twisted to insult our elected leader in such a fashion? I served our country under President Bush (the old one lol) and President Clinton. I did not agree with the politics of Clinton at all, but I would never speak about the man in such a degrading fashion.

    I honestly believe that a few folks here, as everywhere actually, are a bit too absorbed.


  5. Kamil says:

    Peter, you’re a bit harsh on the President.

  6. neuwagen says:

    Donna Shalala did the job for Bush.She was the chief of Bushs “Commission On Care for America’s Returning Wounded Warriors”. Maby she made a good job i dunno. But who´s in charge for all these wounded soldiers? Think about it. I dont think that Peter is to harsh here.

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