Side Benefit of the Transparent Society?

Via RB: CCTV, Get Out Clause and iMovie,

What’s a band to do if it hasn’t got the cash to make its own music video and lives in a country with extremely high levels of CCTV? Well, Get Out Clause used state CCTV cameras and their rights to access information to create this clip,

Unable to afford to make their own music video the band set up and performed their music in front of 80 of the 1,300 CCTV cameras used by British state security – one camera was even on a bus…

Now comes the good part: the band used the UK Data Protection Act – that’s the UK equivalent of US reader’s access to information laws – to request all the footage the state collected of them…

And then they turned the footage into a music video.

(The song is ok, but not as inventive as their social engineering.)

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  1. gold says:

    Very creative. Like you said, not my type of music, but +1 for the group’s efforts.


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