FBI Raids the Guys (Supposed to Be) Investigating Rove

Remember the US Office of Special Counsel (OSC), the guys supposed to be investigating Karl Rove? As you'll see if you click that link, I was more than a little skeptical given who runs the OSC,

The OSC is headed by a presidential appointee with a five-year term named Scott J. Bloch. That he has been somnolent in this job is beyond dispute. That he has been positively active in sabotaging investigations that might annoy the Bush administration has been repeatedly alleged, and has even led to a formal complaint charging sabotage of investigations and retaliation against those who sought to pursue them.

Well, guess what? NPR says the FBI just raided the OSC, and
secured a separate warrant for Bloch's home.

The FBI's action isn't about the Rove case — it's about other alleged misdeeds — but who will bet that the FBI's actions will not derail whatever little action there was in the Rove area?

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One Response to FBI Raids the Guys (Supposed to Be) Investigating Rove

  1. LACJ says:

    Is this development not breaking the barrier that has been placed on Rove-related investigations?

    It may derail or slow down but can this not be a positive development? Any investigations carried out would have been deeply flawed, anyway.

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