Don’t Ask McCain to Discuss Things He Doesn’t Want to Talk About

It seems you can get thrown out of a town meeting and questioned by the Secret Service for asking a Republican candidate to deny a published story that he once lost his temper and called his wife a bad name.

Ask a rude but nonetheless legal and reasonable question, get thrown out of a public meeting. Such is 'democracy' in these United States.

(Note, incidentally, that McCain didn't deny it.)

It sounds as if McCain is trying to get into a Bush Bubble, where he'll be protected from anything he doesn't want to see or hear. Which makes sense if you consider he's running to serve Bush's third term. But definitely makes you wonder who he'll find to reprise the Cheney role as veep….

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6 Responses to Don’t Ask McCain to Discuss Things He Doesn’t Want to Talk About

  1. yarrrr says:

    You’re an absolute fucking moron. McCain puts himself out there more than Obama who hardly ever gets off his mountain and only then to deliver his commandments. Sometimes he’ll answers like 8 questions after eating his waffles.

  2. milo says:

    Oy. Situation one: candidate is holding town hall meeting, soliciting questions from the audience. Situation two: candidate is eating breakfast. I can see how you get the two situations confused. Please refer to your first sentence.

  3. Joe says:

    McCain is bad news. Bad temper, bad grades, bad attitude, even gets his money from bad beer.

  4. PHB says:

    The Secret Service questioned him? On what grounds? Sounds like there should be an urgent Congressional hearing here.

    Abuse of the security services and secrecy laws has been a major problem during the Bush presidency.

  5. Andrew says:

    The obvious choice to follow Cheney as McCain’s Veep is Cheney himself! It will be a lot of work to move the man-sized safe out of his office. Think of all the taxpayer money that will be saved!

  6. Thomas says:

    What a stupid thing to say. McCain continued to answer questions. The Secret Service and the Des Moines police don’t work for McCain.

    Is the use of the word “cunt” “legal”? The Secret Service and Des Moines police were working, so perhaps they were investigating violations of their sexual harassment policies.

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