Why Are There TV Crews On the Edge of Campus?

As I was driving on the north and north-west sides of the UM campus this afternoon, there seemed to be at least two different TV crews set up, from two different local stations, one on the north, one on the NW sides of the campus. No idea if there are others elsewhere. We're used to them when there's an event, and of course down near the south-west side where the baseball stadium is. They were still there when I came back 30 minutes later.

So what's up with this on a SundaySaturday afternoon? Nothing (yet?) on the local news I could find. For a minute I thought this might be it — Police: College Students Attempt To Capture Gator – Miami News Story – WPLG Miami, but no, the dateline is Daytona Beach Shores, Fla.

So I still have no idea.

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  1. AC says:

    I’m guessing they are either covering the site of a time-space vortex in which it is “Saturday” for the rest of the U.S., or maybe your local ABC News has located a Kansan elementary schoolmate of Obama’s who now deals drugs such that B’Hussein has a lot of splaining to do.

  2. Josh says:

    A student was attacked last night by a man wielding a 4 inch knife. She was apparently (physically) unharmed.

    NBC 6 has a story: http://www.nbc6.net/news/15931436/detail.html?dl=mainclick

    The university has released a crime alert.
    * * *


    Coral Gables Police Department Case# 08-3432

    Location: 1000 block of Pisano Ave.

    Date of Incident: April 18, 2008

    At approximately 7:45 pm, a University of Miami Student was assaulted while she was jogging at the 1000 block of Pisano Avenue. The subject was carrying a 4 inch folding pocket knife which he used to rob the victim of her jewelry. The victim attempted to defend herself and began screaming for help. During the struggle, the subject was startled and fled the scene. The subject description is listed below:

    SUBJECT 1: Black male
    25-30 years of age
    190-200 lbs
    White tank top
    Dark Shorts

  3. Michael says:

    I guess that *could* be it, but I’m skeptical for three reasons: (1) while armed robbery is very unusual on campus, it not that newsworthy in Miami if no one is hurt — certainly not worth a camera crew unless they caught the guy; (2) the crime wasn’t actually ON campus, but near it; and (3) that address is on the North-East side of campus, and at least one crew was clear on the other side of campus, on San Amaro Dr.

  4. sfltv says:

    some robbery from last night

  5. Josh says:

    True, true, and true… For whatever reason, NBC 6 thought it a provocative enough story to place it the “Top Stories” section of their site that evening. I do not know that the crews you saw were reporting on the robbery. I do know that the evening news (at least on NBC 6) aired a live report on the robbery from somewhere on/near the Coral Gables campus that night.

  6. michael says:

    So much for “if it bleeds, it leeds”! Must have been a really slow local news day. Or a very photogenic victim?

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