The Edge-of-Campus Mugging that Wasn’t

A week ago I asked, Why Are There TV Crews On the Edge of Campus? and several commentators suggested it was related to a mugging of a student on the other side of campus.

By way of follow-up, I should mention that the Miami Herald reported the other day that police figured out the 'victim' made the whole thing up.

A University of Miami student scratched cuts into herself, ripped her clothing and then lied to police about being attacked by a man while jogging on campus, investigators said Thursday.

Coral Gables detectives noticed holes in the 21-year-old's story about a robbery and attempted sexual assault at knife-point last Friday.

“They determined the tearing on her shirt was from a rip by hand, not by knife like she claimed,” Officer Frank Jackson said.

“We believe this was some sort of mental-health breakdown,” he said.

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